Clawfinger - Дискография (1993-2014) MP3

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Исполнитель: Clawfinger
Страна: Sweden
Альбом: Дискография
Год выхода: 1993-2014
Жанр: Rapcore, Rap-Metal, Industrial-Metal
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps
Длительность: 710 минут

Clawfinger - шведская группа, основанная в 1988 году и играющая в стиле Рэпкор. Отличительна своей агрессивной, но достаточно мелодичной музыкой и антирасистскими и политическими темами в текстах.

[1993]- Deaf Dumb Blind

02_The Truth
04_Don't Get Me Wrong
05_I Need You
06_Catch Me
08_Wonderful World
09_Sad To See Your Sorrow
10_I Don't Care
11_Get It
12_Profit Preacher
13_Stars & Stripes

[1995]-Use Your Brain

02_Pay the bill
03_Pin me down
04_Wipe my ass
05_Die high
07_Do what I say
09_What are you afraid of
10_Back to the basics
11_Easy way out


01_Two Sides
02_Hold Your Head Up
03_Biggest & The Best
05_Don't Wake Me Up
06_Not Even You
07_Nobody Knows
08_I Can See Them Comming
09_Wrong State Of Mind
10_I'm Your Life & Religion
12_I Guess I'll Never Know
15_What Gives Us The Right

[2001]- A Whole Lot Of Nothing

01_Two Steps Away
02_Out To Get Me
03_Nothing Going On
04_Are You Man Enough
07_Don't Look At Me
08_Simon Says
09_Burn In Hell
10_I Close My Eyes
14_Manic Depression
15_Fake A Friend


01_Zeros & Heroes
02_Recipe For Hate
03_When Everything Crumbles
04_15 Minutes Of Fame
05_World Domination
07_Four Letter Word
08_Money Power Glory
09_Kick It
10_Live Like A Man
11_Step Aside
13_Are You Talking To Me
14_Where Are You Now
15_Point Of No Return

[2005]-Hate Yourself With Style

01 - The Faggot In You
02 - Hate Yourself With Style
03 - Dirty Lies
04 - The Beast & The Worst
05 - Breakout (Embrace The Child Inside You)
06 - Right To Rape
07 - What We've Got Is What You're Getting
08 - Sick Of Myself
09 - Hypocrite
10 - Without A Case
11 - God Is Dead

[2007]-Life Will Kill You

01- The Price We Pay
02 - Life Will Kill You
03 - Prisoners
04 - Final Stand
05 - None The Wiser
06 - Little Baby
07 - The Cure & The Poison
08 - Where Can We Go From Here
09 - It's Your Life
10 - Falling
11 - Carnivore
12 - Dying To Know
13 - Picture Perfect Skies

[2014]-Deafer Dumber Blinder [20 Years Anniversary Box 3CD]

01. PMRC (1992 demo)
02. Money Is (1992 demo)
03. If You Don't Know Me (1995 demo)
04. Tell Me What You Want From Me (1996 demo)
05. You Gave Me Something To Think About (1997 demo)
06. Here We Go Again (1997 demo)
07. The Choice Is Yours (1997 demo)
08. Master Of Celebrity (1997 demo)
09. I Don't Know (1997 demo)
10. Ain't No Turning Back (1997 demo)
11. Are You Man Enough (1997 demo)
12. Fear Itself (1998 demo)
13. Take What You Can Get (1999 demo)
14. In A Mad World (1999 demo)
15. My Dirty Mind (1999 demo)
16. When Everything Crumbles (2002 alt. demo)
17. Still Don't Know (2002 demo)
18. Turn It Off (2005 demo)
19. All The Way (2006 demo)
20. Back To The Basics (1993 unreleased track)

01. Get It
02. Profit Preacher
03. Stars & Stripes
04. Love
05. Better Than This
06. Three Good Riffs
07. Armageddon Down
08. RealiTV
09. Runnerboy
10. Eat The Hand That Feeds Me
11. Braindead
12. Megalomania
13. I Love To Hate Myself
14. Are You Talking To Me
15. Where Are You Now
16. Point Of No Return
17. All My Greatest Fears

01. Nigger
02. The Truth
03. Rosegrove
04. Don't Get Me Wrong
05. I Need You
06. Catch Me
07. Warfair
08. Wonderful World
09. Sad To See Your Sorrow
10. I Don't Care
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